How to Measure a Torsion SpringHow to Measure a Torsion Spring
What is a High Cycle Spring?What is a High Cycle Spring?

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I received my springs from Garage Door Springs within 3 days as promised. I installed them within 90 minutes and my garage door runs quieter then it ever has! I saved myself almost $400 doing it myself. I highly recommend American Overhead Door Parts!

Tom - Frederick County, Maryland

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What is a High Performance High Cycle Spring,
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This inexpensive option ($29.90 Pr) will double the life of your existing springs.

Free Winding Tools included with the purchase of the High Performance Torsion Springs (An 18.95 Value)

Zinc Plated winding tools included with High Performance Torsion Springs.

(Do not use screwdrivers, socket extensions,Re-Bar or anything else other than correct winding tools)