How to Measure a Torsion SpringHow to Measure a Torsion Spring
What is a High Cycle Spring?What is a High Cycle Spring?

1 Pr 60 lb Extension springs

Garage Door Springs Extension Springs
1 Pr 60 lb Extension springs

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Look For a code at the of the spring to determine the door weight. The color codes range from low to high. Example:
The same color brown 60 lb could for an 8ft wide steel or fibreglass door, or 160lb could be for a 9 to 10 ft wide wood door, or 260 lb could be for 16 ft wide double door. Each with the color code Brown.

If there is no color code visable it will necessary to weigh the door to determine the correct size spring.
Measure door the height.The Standard height for most residential doors is either 6 ft. 6 inches high or 7 ft high. If your door is over 7 ft. high, call for pricing

How to weigh the door:
1. Raise the door to the full position and secure. The best way to secure the door in the up position is to snap a vice grip or C clamp under both the bottom rollers. 2. Remove the springs from the door. 3. For a one car opening, lower the door onto one bathroom scale in the center of the door and read the weight. For a double door (16 ft. wide or larger) use two bathroom scales. Locate the scales two feet in from each side. Take the weight of both scales and add together for door weight. Please double check all spring information.A no return policy is in effect on extension springs,all sales are final.