How to Measure a Torsion SpringHow to Measure a Torsion Spring
What is a High Cycle Spring?What is a High Cycle Spring?

What is a High Performance High Cycle Spring?

Most Garage Door Manufacturers supply springs rated at 10,000 cycles. The average life of a garage door spring varies based on the number times the garage door cycles(opens and closes.)Daily usage of 1 to 3 times a day, would have an average spring life of approximately 7 to 10 years. Increased cycles, and temperature changes as well as low grade imported spring wire, will reduce the average spring life by 50%.These variables will cause the spring wire to crystalize and snap at the weakest point. If you have a 2 spring system, it is best to replace both springs to avoid having to repeat the replacement cost and labor.

Consider this Option

If your door cycles(opens and Closes) more than 3X a day,add the High Cycle Upgrade to your order This option is equivalent to purchasing a second Pair of springs for cost of the upgrade.This inexpensive option will double the spring life from 7/10 yrs. to 18/20 yrs. What is a High Cycle Spring?

What is a High Cycle Spring?

A high cycle spring is a re-engineered spring base on your existing spring measurements creating a DIMENSIONALLY larger spring. A High Cycle spring has the same IPPT(Inch Pounds Per Turn) or torque as the existing spring but has 50% less stress when fully wound, lasting 2X longer. The installation and the number of turns are the same as the existing spring.

(Do not use screwdrivers, socket extensions,Re-Bar or anything else other than correct winding tools)